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Our services, indoors and out

First off, we are not painter/decorators by profession. After years of restoring antiques, we recently started to apply those skills to restoring original shellac finishes on architectural woodwork, such as stairs, doors, skirtings and panelling. The results are attractive, quickly achieved, relatively inexpensive, fairly odourless, ecologically sound, and historically sympathetic. There is no catch.
  For ages we have been matching original finishes on new things going into old homes. Perhaps most spectacularly, we make lincrusta look like it has always been there. Sometimes is has always been there, but has been painted a hideous colour. A few coats later and we have it looking like red leather or honey oak. Sadly, our graining skills come nowhere near our aspirations. So saying, it is doubtful if many would willingly pay for authentic species woodgrain.
Painting with our own linseed oil paint is so easy that we are rarely asked to do it. It really is diy. However, provided it does not involve very tall ladders, we are happy to slap the coats on for you at fairly standard painters' rates. At first sight this hardly looks like a service at all, but getting a professional decorator to use linseed oil paints is not going to be easy. Moreover, you will be spared having to buy more paint than you need. We estimate how much paint will be required, so you know beforehand what the cost is likely to be, then we'll make it up. We'll make more than you need, but you will only pay for what is used.
  When your paintwork is due for renewal in fifteen years, we will get in touch. Oops, no, I'll be retired.
  In the future, we hope to have a list of painters here that are willing to paint using our linseed oil paint. So, painters, get in touch.